Friday, January 25, 2013

FO: Quasi peplum cardigan

My latest finished object is from an improvised pattern. The yarn is Fibranatura Heaven. This might be a discontinued yarn, as I got it at a deep discount, along with the cream colored batch that I used for this sweater. I wanted to do something with some gathers since that would require more yarn than the normal cardigan and I had a ton of yarn. I didn't want the bulk of a full peplum, so I ended up with this quasi peplum cardi. The borders are seed stitch, and the stitch pattern at the waist is something called a "ripple" stitch that I found in one of my stitch pattern books. I used it way back in time on this skirt. It pulls the fabric in with a tighter gauge and is quite stretchy. I decided to use big snaps for the sweater closure so the buttons are decorative. I used some felt between the snaps and the yarn fabric to keep everything sturdy. I think I would have liked this sweater in a heavier yarn of the same gauge, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FO: Arc and Line Cowl

This is the Arc and Line Cowl from Knit.wear Fall 2012. My yarn is some merino yarn by Tattersall Mills which I bought as a souvenir from my New Mexico vacation. My gauge is a bit finer than the pattern's gauge so I added a few stitches to the sides, and I did more vertical repeats. While I was knitting it, I kept thinking of it as the "underwear cowl" because of how it looks when flat. The Other Half says it looks like a pair of feminine tighty whities.