Saturday, November 15, 2014

FO: Buds and Blooms

I recently finished knitting Buds and Blooms from Botanical Knits. My yarn is the discontinued Cascade Cash Vero. I was attracted to this sweater mainly because of the pockets, but I do like the detailed back and the shape of the collar. The collar has an interesting construction at the top of the button band that makes it fold over very nicely. I was dubious because the collar stitches are picked up on the wrong side of the body but the collar folds high enough such that you don't see the ridge where the stitches were picked up.

I made some sizing adjustments, as I usually do. I made mine a bit longer and I put in waist shaping. I also narrowed the shoulders a bit. I used my own sizing for the sleeves since I like narrow sleeves. I knitted this yarn at the looser end of the recommended gauge range so the sweater is a bit on the floppy side. It's probably just as well since it needs the drape to avoid looking too large. Also, the collar needs to be fairly soft in order to lay flat nicely. I did use needles 3 sizes smaller for the button bands to make them a denser fabric.

The pockets have an interesting construction, and they did come out very nicely.