Friday, September 21, 2018

Summer Sweater

At last - I've finished a sweater! I don't know why this sweater took so long. I think it's probably just due to less knitting time than normal. This is a pullover for the end of summer, but I'll wear it in cooler weather with a thin layer underneath. The pattern is my own design. It's a basic shape with a zigzag pattern down the center front and along the side edges of the back. The yarn is Zooey by Juniper Moon Farm, which is a great cotton/linen blend. I like this yarn, even though it's a bit splitty and my stitches always look uneven. I used some earlier to knit this sweater, and it's one of my most comfortable summer sweaters. The yarn feels great when worn and the sweater washes and dries wonderfully. I'm hoping I'll like this new sweater just as much.

This sweater has "sleeves" that are formed by just not doing any armhole decreases and leaving an opening for the arms when sewing up the sides I do have one tip for finishing these openings. I picked up the ribbing at 2 stitches for every three rows for most of the opening except for the two inches at the shoulder area. For the shoulder tops, I picked up one stitch for every two rows so that the sleeve is pulled in more at the top and doesn't poke upward, which I dislike.