Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random wardrobe thoughts

  • Since when did sewing patterns become so expensive?
  • I freed up a foot of closet space just by removing unused hangers. woohoo
  • What's up with all these dresses in the shops having exposed back zippers? I liked the invisible zipper look.
  • I see a lot of brightly colored jeans and printed jeans in the shops but I don't see many people wearing them on the streets. Are they being purchased?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FO: Cardi for spring and summer

This might just be my perfect spring and summer all-purpose cardigan. It's the Textured Cardigan from Vogue Knitting spring 2011. The yarn is the discontinued Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Linen, which is mainly cotton with some linen and rayon thrown in. It is rather heavy in weight but drapes very nicely and it's not too warm. I really love the pockets, even though I never put anything in my pockets.

As usual, I made some mods to the pattern. I did not do exposed side seams, and I added a bit of waist shaping. My bottom and cuff and pocket ribbing is knit with Ktbl and Ptbl on one half of the stitches, so the knit stitches pop more on the right side. My sleeves are almost 2 inches narrower at the top because I like narrow sleeves.
I did a bit of fussing with the technique and shaping of the front neckline band, which is documented on my ravelry page. I really love the end result, but this pattern had errors in it, and it was not that well written.