Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sewing FO: Vogue V8667 pattern

I've been sewing a lot more lately, and I really like making things for spring and summer because of all the nice print fabrics that I've found. I really like working with linen and linen blends and the slightly stretchy slightly shiny medium weight cottons. This dress is from Vogue Pattern V8667. The fabric is a linen blend that I purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. The lining is a light-weight muslin that I also purchased there. I really like this pattern. It's very straightforward to sew and the pieces are cut such that one can easily make small sizing adjustments to various bits.
I might make a second un-lined version from some stretch denim and some sort of print for the just the collar.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

work in progress

I've been working on Ogunquit by Norah Gaughan. I'm using Rowan Calmer, which is a great yarn. I had to adjust my decrease rate because my row gauge is off, and I also wanted a faster decrease rate for the back bottom. I think it might be a bit too narrow on the front top parts, but it is probably tolerable. I might wear it fastened at the bottom with a sweater pin. I'm just finishing up the right side and then i have two small sleeves to go. I decided to knit the front twisted ribbing bands together with the front pieces instead of doing a separate band and sewing it on later. I like finishing work, but knitting a long narrow twisted rib band would be too much even for me.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scenes from the 2011 SF Bay to Breakers

On Sunday, I took part in the only-in-San-Francisco craziness known as the Bay to Breakers. This was the 100th year of the footrace. By the time I decided to register, it was sold out, so I just tagged along with the vast number of unregistered participants who start way after the elite runners have long finished the race. It was so crowded that it was difficult to move faster than a slow jog on many parts of the route. One of my favorite things was watching all the people hanging out on the porches and balconies in homes along the route. Some were throwing things to the crowd -- things which included mardi gras style beads and, for some reason, tortillas.