Sunday, April 19, 2020

Vogue V1329

I hope everyone is staying as healthy and sane as possible during these crazy times. We in the SF Bay Area have been doing the shelter-in-place thing for five weeks now and everyone's got a case of cabin fever. We're hoping restrictions ease up even just a tiny bit in May. Knitting and sewing have been good ways to pass some of the time. I finished this nice "dressy" dress not too long ago. It's made from this great abstract-y night skyscraper print that I bought in New York at Mood Fabrics when I went there last spring for vacation. The pattern is Vogue v1329, which I've sewn a couple of times before. I've never sewn it as a color blocked dress, and this still isn't a color block dress :). It's harder to see the pleats in a photo because of the print. I love the fit of this pattern - it's fitted but the pleats give it just the right amount of ease in the mid-section. My print is a cotton sateen that has a tiny bit of lycra which makes it even more comfy. It is lined with a very thin cotton voile and I always cut my linings with a bit more ease than the dress body. I had plenty of leftover fabric, so of course I had to make a matching mask, not that I'll be wearing this ensemble out anytime soon. :)

I love this dress and I'm hoping to be able to wear it out somewhere (anywhere!) soon. It will always remind of New York because of where I bought the fabric and because of look of the skyscrapers. I love NYC and hope to be able to visit it again after all this coronavirus threat is long gone.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Thick and Thin Pullover

I hope everyone is staying healthy and maintaining their sanity in these trying times. You knitters out there probably know that knitting is a great way to past the time if you're stuck at home. I took time to finish off this thick and thin pullover that is inspired by a sweater I saw on a mannequin at Bloomingdales. My inspo sweater was all white and I think the thicker yarn was more cotton-y than mine. I used Berroco Brielle, which is an alpaca blend, for the thick yarn and a fingering weight alpaca yarn whose name I forgot for the thin yarn. The neck and armhole trim was done with the thinner yarn held double. I'm happy that holding it double also makes it look whiter because I wanted a whiter and brighter look around the neckline. This sweater has a tiny bit of positive ease and I love the fit and drape. However, it does feel a bit on the scratchy side. I'm not sure whether it's one or both of the yarns that's causing the scratchiness. I'm hoping it's not due to alpaca, since I just started a sweater in an alpaca and linen blend!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Frankenpattern sweater

I recently finished this "frankenpttern" sweater. The body of the sweater in terms of sizing and stitch counts came from the Herbsaint pattern. I knitted that pattern at the end of 2018 and it's posted here. I love that sweater and wear it quite often. This sweater also uses the same yarn, which is Batiste by Knit One Crochet Too and one of my favorite yarns. For the stitch motif, I adapted the design from the Moonflower Dolman pattern. I liked the stitch motif but not the fit or gauge of that design. I'm just as happy with this sweater as with the Herbsaint version. For warmer weather, I can wear it without the layer underneath.

Here's a view of the back, which actually has not one, but TWO errors in the stitch pattern - one on the top and one on the bottom. Maybe I should have skipped posting the photo of the back so that you wouldn't see the errors. :) The errors are both in the center and I was amazed that I never noticed them until I was almost finished with back.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Butterick B6525 Dress

I finished this dress last fall but just got around to taking a photo of it. It's Butterick B6525 and I made the single color dress version. This dress has dolman sleeves and it's loose fitting and comfy but oddly enough, it doesn't really look baggy. I think it's because the body of the dress tapers nicely to the hem. I used this great wool blend mystery fabric from Fabrix in SF. It has a backing to it and also has a slight bit of stretch. The fabric has great body and really works well for unlined dresses. I bought another piece in deep red which I'm sewing up for another dress. You can't see it that well in the photo, but I love the topstitched look of the pockets. I liked wearing this dress when I was selling at various craft fairs last winter because it's comfy and because it has pockets. This might be a nice pattern for a cozy stable sweatshirt type fabric.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Two cowls

Happy New Year everyone! I haven't posted much knitting or sewing lately, but progress is being made. It's happening a little more slowly because I've been pretty busy during the holiday season selling my 3D printed jewelry. For anyone who's interested, the website is Tiny Right Brain Designs. I've been slowly working on knitting a sweater, but while I was selling at various craft fairs, I wanted to knit something really simple that didn't require any concentration that I could work on during slow sale times. A fellow vendor recommended the Pivot Cowl from Purl Soho. It's a really simple pattern and you can use any gauge yarn as long as you adjust the number of stitches for your gauge. I made two of them - one in a bulky yarn and one in a DK weight. They're both fun to wear.

On an amusing note, I'm using a mannequin that I found for a bargain price in San Francisco at a store closeout sale. I had to haul it back on an SF muni bus, showing here:

I wanted the mannequin not so much for fitting clothing as for a way to display my necklaces for photography. I've decided to name my mannequin "Jolene". :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Lacy pullover

This is the Cropped Eyelet Pullover from Vogue Knitting spring/summer 2019. I've had this worsted weight Euroflax linen in my stash for years and I was happy to find a suitable pattern for it. I had tried some other pattern earlier but gave up because the yarn was just too heavy. It is still heavy butthat's okay since the sweater drapes nicely. This sweater did come out a bit larger than I liked because the lacy pattern grew as I knitted and handled it over time. I threw it in the washer and dryer once before adding armhole ribbing and again after I finished the ribbing. It fits well enough now but will probably stretch with wear so I think this is one of those garments that will get washed a lot. The washing did soften it and improved the draping. My version is not as cropped as pattern's and I just added some armhole ribbing instead of doing sleeves. I think I did my own neckline shaping to get the fit I like. This works well for warmer fall days and I can wear a longer sleeved tee when it gets colder. This linen yarn is pretty darn sturdy.

Thursday, August 29, 2019


I recently finished Meander by Yumiko Alexander and I'm very happy with it. My yarn for the body is Juniper Moon Farm Zooey DK and the bottom and neck trim is Classic Elite Yarns Fortuna. Both are linen blend yarns. I love this pattern -- in fact, I love quite a few of her DanDoh patterns. The designs are always easy wearing without looking frumpy. For whatever reason, the bottom edge just kept turning inwards and the top neckline edge also turned inward at the lowest point of the front neckline. So, to fix it, I decided to add a faux second layer by adding the bottom and neckline trims using a lighter weight yarn. I picked up the stitches on the inside at the base of the trim sections to enhance the look of a second layer. It's a bit warm to wear this right now, but I'm waiting for fall!