Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random wardrobe thoughts

  • Since when did sewing patterns become so expensive?
  • I freed up a foot of closet space just by removing unused hangers. woohoo
  • What's up with all these dresses in the shops having exposed back zippers? I liked the invisible zipper look.
  • I see a lot of brightly colored jeans and printed jeans in the shops but I don't see many people wearing them on the streets. Are they being purchased?


Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! Excellent questions!

Mr. Puffy said...

Hey, where are all the fun pictures of Disneyland??? I was just up visiting my folks in Santa Barbara and saw a lot of the colorful jeans you are talking about. I'm not a fan because they are too hard to wear - kinda like a space dyed shawl lol