Thursday, October 18, 2012

FO: Creature Comforts Cardi

I just love this cardigan. It's the Creature Comforts Cardi, and the yarn is Fibranatura Mermaid. It sort of feels like wearing a Snuggie backwards. The Other Half says it looks very après-ski. I made my sleeves about 12 inches in circumference, and the sweater is just under 30 inches long. The center panel takes a little concentration but other than that, it's really good mindless knitting. You just knit a rectangle and sew up a couple of seams to form the sleeve holes.

I bound off the ribbing using my own variation of a stretchy bind-off. For the knit stitches, I Kf&b, passed the first stitch over the second, then passed the last bound off stitch over that one. The purl stitches were bound off as usual.

It's one of those garments that looks more interesting in the back. I have more of this yarn in a rust color. I might make another one with some other kind of back panel pattern.


Ellen Bloom said...

Very lovely! Yes, this does look like a comfortable sweater! The off-white shows off the pattern of the back panel beautifully!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous back panel. I love how it hugs the back of your neck. Very cosy.


Anonymous said...

Amazing :)