Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FO: A copycat sweater

This sweater has a stitch pattern that is a copy of something I saw in a local boutique window. The original sweater had some elbow length sleeves and was looser and more cropped. It hasn't been on display for quite a while, but I think I got the stitch pattern right. In fact, I gave it more definition by knitting and purling through the back loop for one of the stitches. My yarn is Araucania Ulmo, which is 100% cotton. The yarn is a bit splitty, so I felt like I was slogging through it towards the end. I'm happy with end result though.

Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern. It causes quite a bit of biasing, so it would probably not be good knitted in the round. Breaking it up with the garter stitch sections also helped cut down on the biasing.

The stitch pattern is a multiple of three, and I put one selvedge stitch at each end. Here it is:

RS: p2tog, yo, k1 tbl
WS: p1 tbl, p1, k1

For the k2 p2 ribbing on the armholes and neckline, I did the same semi-stretchy bind off as I did on my last sweater. For each knit stitch in the bind-off, I did a kf&b, passed the first stitch over the 2nd, then passed the last bound-off stitch over that. I used the same needle size and I find that it gives just the right amount of stretchiness.

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knitseashore said...

Your sweater looks great!! I envy you that you can see something in a store window and copy it.