Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finished skirt

I'm very happy with this skirt. Tomokee (a.k.a. Large Dog) does not seem to care. This is the kilt skirt from Knit 2 Together, but without the kilt flap thingie. The yarn is spaghetti by Gerifil, which is springy and crunchy and should be good for a skirt because it will not result in any waggin', baggin', or saggin'.
I wanted to use a texture pattern stitch for the main body, and this texture makes the skirt narrower and stretchier. This allows it to hug my almost-non-existent rear end better, and the texture hides any lumps or bumps that do exist on the non-existent rear end.
Other customizations are just size related: I knitted 17 repeats of the bottom ruffle, 180 stitches for the body, 170 stitches for the ribbing, and 160 stitches for the waistband. I did use a 2-stitch garter stitch border at the bottom.
My texture stitch (for knitting in the round) is a multiple of 3 stitches:
row 1: *K2tog, leave on LHN, K first st again and slip both off LHN, K1, rep from *
row 2: K
row 3: *K1, K2tog and K into first stitch as for row 1, rep from *
row 4: K

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Knittymuggins said...

Your skirt is fantastic Betty!! It looks amazing on you and I love your mods! You are totally inspiring me to make a skirt someday :)