Tuesday, August 5, 2008

GPS: 1 Betty: 0

This last Saturday, I argued with the GPS and lost. I was driving in San Francisco, and I figured I could do better because, after all, I am a native San Franciscan. I kept insisting on going a different route, and the GPS kept saying "recalculating" and giving me directions in a British accent. Well, my route kept me going in circles, due to one way streets and "do not enter" signs, so I eventually gave up and followed the instructions. The moral of the story is, when in S.F., don't argue with the GPS.
Anyway, my destination was the wonderful Imagiknit yarn shop in the Mission Dolores neighborhood. This is the largest yarn shop I've ever set foot into. It is piled high with yarny goodness in two big rooms and has a very nice vibe.

And of course, I had to buy something, so I got this lovely berry-colored llama/silk yarn on sale.


Ellen Bloom said...

Oooooooo! ImagiKnits! My absolute fave store in SF! I even use my photo of the place as my wallpaper on my computer. Here it is, with my husband, Larry, patiently reading SF maps while I drool over the yarn selection!


Knittymuggins said...

Oh, I bet that was a fun shop!! I have a friend who was down there in February and said he liked it a lot, but seeing the pics you posted was even more fun :)