Thursday, August 4, 2011

FO: Cable collartop

At last! I've finished the cable collar top from Vogue knitting Spring/Summer 2011.
The body of the sweater knitted up quickly, but for some reason the collar pieces took a long time, partly because I kept making silly stoopid mistakes.
The yarn is Valley Yarns Southwick, a cotton/bamboo yarn. I really like its soft drape. It was a bit too splitty, but maybe that's the norm for cotton yarns.
The collar is what caught my eye when I first saw the sweater in the magazine. The body is just a normal fitted pullover. I would have liked the collar just as much without the cable because I really like the way the two pieces fold over.

I made my sleeves a longer short sleeve length. For the front collar pieces, I continued increases on the body side until the end of the collar because I figured it would help it fold over a little deeper. I overlapped the back piece over the front lapels by at least an inch instead of having it meet the lapel edges. I did not attach the front pieces to the back piece. Instead, I used increasing needle sizes to make it flare out a bit in the back.

My sleeve openings came out a little too large, and they also widened after a day's wear so that they developed a flared look, which I dislike. I took a crochet hook and added a row of slip stitches to the opening to bring it in and prevent stretching with wear. (The photos don't show the narrower opening)


Anonymous said...

Love your mods, Betty. Especially how you flared the back collar which is so much more flattering and crochet slip-stitched the sleeve hem. Will have to remember those. And love the color.


MrPuffy said...

Betty this is simply stunning on you! Your wardrobe must almost be exclusively your handknits, really special. I haven't had the focus to knit garments lately ~ but you do inspire me to make a sweater :)