Thursday, August 25, 2011


My current projects are for wearing in the fall and winter. The first one here is Leaving. I started this ages ago, but progress stopped when the weather got warmer. This is a wool long sleeved pullover that needs to be worn with a layering piece underneath, so I probably won't be able to wear it until the depths of winter. The yarn is Valley Yarns Northfield, and I really like its springiness.

Next up is Peterborough, by Norah Gaughan. I've been knitting a lot of her patterns recently. The patterns I've chosen are all basically stockinette garments, but with interesting details, usually in the collar. The yarn is Filtes King Extra Stampato. It's also a wool garment, but it's an open cardigan so it won't be too warm. Also, I don't have enough yarn, so I'm going for elbow or 2/3 length sleeves, and my sweater is about 4" shorter than the pattern's length. I eliminated the waist ribbing.

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soknitpicky said...

Both of those patterns are spectacular choices!