Saturday, October 10, 2009

Slinky ribs FO

It seems like this sweater took a long time, but I'm finally done! This is Slinky Ribs from Custom Knits. My yarn is the recommended Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.
I ditched my original idea of wearing it as reverse stockinette -- it looked good that way laying on a flat surface but not as good when worn.
I changed the lower ribbing pattern because I thought the V formation might provide a more slimming illusion for my mid-section. I used garter stitch for the bottom rows to prevent rolling. My neckline is done with purl stitches to roll inward. I did not bother with buttonholes -- I just sewed the buttons through all layers. I raised the neckline by almost 2 inches.
I really like the style and fit of this pullover. The biggest disappointment is that I'm stuck wearing a t-shirt under it because this yarn is just too scratchy. I raised the neckline just so that I could wear it standalone, but it's not going to happen. As a skein, the yarn felt okay against my skin. Oh well -- I'm hoping the short sleeves will prevent it from being too warm with the T-shirt underneath.

On the matter of the sleeves, I did not pick up stitches and knit from the armhole. I knit standard set-in sleeves and sewed them on. I'm not fond of the "afterhtought sleeves" technique in the book. I think that picking up stitches will result in sleeves that are too wide because you end up having to pick up enough stitches to cover the armhole. If you look at the schematic for this sweater's smallest size, the short sleeve circumference is 13.75", which is about 2" wider than I like for pullover sleeves. For the Lettuce Coat, I did pick up stitches for the sleeves but the pattern calls for smaller needles to keep the width smaller. The stitches at the top of the arm look a little stretched as a result.


Ellen Bloom said...

The Slinky Rib looks great on you, Betty. Love the color. Too bad about the itchy yarn.
I heard from a fiber friend yesterday that the most sensitive place to test the softness of your yarn is the skin between your nose and mouth. So, next time when you're "sniffing" yarn, touch it just under your nose and see if it's soft enough. Remove lipstick before doing this!

crochetgurl said...

It looks beautiful and fits you well. If I ever have time, I want to make this sweater too. :-)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

All your mods resulted in a great fitting and looking top! I'm with you - a standard set it sleeve is less risky and you know what you are getting. Cool idea to just sew the buttons on - looks much neater that way.

yoel said...

This top looks great! I hate seaming and that's why I do all my sleeves top-down. But for people like you who can seam, a sewn-in sleeve does look neater!

Robin said...

Slinky Ribs turned out great! I never have made anything with Silky Wool; I have some Silky Tweed in my stash though. It doesn't seem as scratchy as the SW.

I agree on afterthought sleeves. Yeah, 13" is way too big for a sleeve for me too, even though my arms aren't really small. I like that other method of top down set in sleeves - the simultaneous sleeve - the one in the French Girl (and originally the Barbara Walker) book.