Sunday, March 15, 2009

Works in progress

It's time for a review of my two current WIPs. First up is the Lush and Lacy Cardigan by I had to make lots of little tweaks to get the sizing just right, but it's almost done. I'm finishing up the second sleeve now. Sleeves go quickly for me. I usually don't start them until I've finished the body as much as possible and know that it fits well. The sleeves are just the final dash to the finish line since I'm looking forward to a new sweater.
I wanted to use some sort of clasp buttons or hook & and eye closures but I couldn't find anything suitable in the local stores or at Stitches West. I decided to make some crochet leaves and put hooks and eyes at the tips and use these as closures. Crochet maven Ellen over at L.A. Is My Beat gave me a pointer to this URL for making crochet leaves. I adapted the pattern to make myself some smaller leaves that start with a 9-stitch chain. I think they are quite suitable.

My other WIP is from my own improvised pattern. I wanted to use this Knit One Crochet Too merino yarn with bits of metallic gold. I also have a ball of Feza Iplik Night gold yarn. I wanted to make some sort of slightly dressier sweater. The top-down raglan is the easiest way to go, and I wanted to try something where the first few inches have the increases spread out evenly to create the yoked look and then separate for the standard raglan division further down. This yoke consists of dropped stitches alternating with some garter rows. I call this sweater "Cleopatra" because the neckline looks like something Cleo might have worn back in the day.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Betty! The crocheted leaf closures look just great! You did a wonderful job of adapting the pattern! So glad I could help you.