Monday, March 23, 2009

Recent cast-on

I recently cast on for the Ariosa Wrap Cardi from Classic Elite. I'm using the Malabrigo merino worsted that I purchased during my snow shoeing trip. This is a nice straightforward pattern with a simple and soothing lace rib pattern. It also goes pretty quickly. I adjusted the position of the middle ribbing so that it hits the middle of my waist (I hope). I used one size smaller needle for the mid section to get a little more shaping. I did a minor adjustment to the pattern -- I used SSK instead of K2tog for row 4.
This color is a really unusual shade of orangy-pink. It has undertones of blues and browns and who knows what else. I call it "dirty bubble gum pink", or perhaps just "dirty gums pink". My Other Half calls it "diseased organ meat pink". I actually like the color a lot.


Ellen Bloom said...

This pattern looks good. I love all the vertical lines. The color reminds me of spring flowers!

robin said...

I really like that!! It's like a salmon-pink to me, at least in the picture.