Monday, November 10, 2008

Works in Progress (WIPs)

It's time for an update on my WIPs. First off, I'm working on this pullover that is of my own design. Right now, it looks like a micro skirt, but it's the bottom half of the pullover, knit horizontally. I wanted to knit something horizontally because the horizontal knits tend to stretch in length and drape better, especially if the gauge is fairly loose. The bottom half of this pullover should drape nicely -- at least that's the theory. I used a provisional cast-on and I'm about the join the edges with 3-needle bind off. I'll pick up stitches for the top half. I'll probably put some gathering in the front.

Next up is the lace front vest, #11 from Vogue holiday 2008. Knitting this is a bit of a risk -- I can't see that much from the photo. There is this nice FO on ravelry, but it's on a dressmaker's form, which is still different from being on a real human. I'm done seaming it up -- I just have to do some crochet around the bottom and weave in some ends. I didn't like one aspect of it when I first tried it on, but it's much better after some seam changes. I'll explain the issues when I model the FO later.

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