Monday, November 17, 2008

Eyelet front vest is done!

The pattern is #11, the eyelet front vest, from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Royal llama silk. I'm not gloriously happy with this garment, but I'm happy enough to include it in the wardrobe rotation. It was a risk knitting it since the photo in the magazine does not show that much detail. I could tell from the schematic that it had large armholes, but I figured that would be okay since it is supposed to be a vest. On the model, it looks like the wide shoulders form a small sleeve capping. However, when I initially tried it on, the shoulders actually fall over the arms and I ended with GINORMOUS sleeve holes. This just looked bad. After the initial disappointment, I looked at it and decided I could just seam up about 2" at the bottom of the armholes and this would create a narrower sleeve. I did that and it still has these pseudo sleeves that are larger than I would like, but it's wearable now. Other than the sleeve seaming change, I added one additional row each of increases and decreases. This pattern is a really quick knit, and the lace section is actually fun to do.


Ellen Bloom said...

The vest looks great on you! Love the color.

Robin said...

It's really cute, with your modifications. I hate when pattern pics don't give any kind of a clue what weird finished product might result. You totally fixed it though!

KnittingBlueContent said...

Super nice F.O.! I'm so glad I saw your post because I would have never guessed the project looked this good, based on the terrible picture in the Mag.

Off to queue it on ravelry. Thanks!!

gringuita said...

Please can you help me with the pattern?
vero (Chile)