Friday, May 16, 2008

Puff-Sleeved Cardi done!

I love this little cardigan. It fits well at the bust line and is a little loose in the midriff, but that’s okay since it’s a cardi and not a pullover.

The pattern is the puff-sleeve feminine cardigan from Fitted Knits, and the yarn is Lily Chin Chelsea, in a denim color. This is a cotton/merino blend yarn, and it has a nice firmness and the sweater seems to hold its shape well.

Customizations: My collar height is 11 rows. I used seed stitch for the various bands instead of the purl bump rows. My waistband starts earlier and is wider than the equivalent purl bump rows. I spread out the lace pattern on the peplum because I wanted a taller peplum and did not want the lace holes to cross. I could probably have used even a little more length. I did not use the garter stitch in the peplum.

For the button band, I sewed a grosgrain ribbon to the underside to keep it firm and avoid that stretching gaposis problem.

This was not a difficult knit, but it was time-consuming. The guage is relatively fine, and there are a lot of stitches in the yoke as it widens and at the peplum bottom. I also made dumb mistakes on the peplum that needed correcting because I was in a hurry and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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