Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Vogue V9079 in printed stretch denim

I recently sewed up Vogue V9079 in this printed stretch denim I got at JoAnn. I loved this print as soon as I saw it. It felt a bit too stiff on the bolt, but I washed and dried it twice and that softened it up pretty well. The denim is sturdy enough so that the dress holds its shape and the stretch makes it really comfy. Since it's denim, I decided to top-stitch it to death. I put double rows of top-stitching on the neckline, the front curved seam, and around the armholes. I used orange thread which both matches the print and contrasts really well with the white and the blue.

This dress is unlined so if you're going to make it, it's best with a fabric that has a some weight to it. It's not a tight fit, but a bit of stretch definitely makes it easier to wear. One of the things I like about this pattern is the shape of the back pleats. The top of each pleat goes up to the neckline instead of ending at a point. For some reason, this is a better fit for me and also makes for easier alterations if you want to adjust the shape of the upper back.


Eli cat said...

Wow! Is that denim? Beautiful fabric. I haven't check this pattern and will add to my wish list. You did a perfect job!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting pattern. I haven't been sewing lately so I never saw it. Vogue is the best. And your interpretation is wonderful. Chloe