Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sewing: Simplicity 1068 stretchy skirt

This was another quick sewing project with a very simple pattern -- Simplicity 1068. My skirt is in between views C and D in length. I only had to cut 3 pieces of fabric out of 2 pattern pieces. The fabric is this printed knit fabric by Nicole Miller for JoAnn. It's a very tightly woven polyester and feels like a lighter version of the neoprene fabrics that I saw in the stores last spring. I'm not sure that I love the fabric because it feels strangely slimy. I decided to try it for a skirt because I figure it wouldn't breathe much and be uncomfortable for a dress. It's also a little annoying to work with because it doesn't hold a crease and even my ball point needle wouldn't sew through it easily. That being said, I do like the look of the completed skirt. The bottom trim is just some wide bias tape folded in half and sewn over the raw edge. I saw that done in some ready-to-wear garments made with similar fabrics and I liked the idea. The red gives it a bit of pop at the hem.

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Eli cat said...

Very cute! The print is amazing, I love love your fabric choice! I've never been to Joann, I want to go there:)))