Sunday, April 12, 2015

FO: Copycat bolero sweater

Years ago I bought a bolero style sweater from Anthropologie that I've always liked and I still wear it on occasion. I thought it might be fun to copy the sweater in terms of its shape and fit. I had this Lily Chin Times Square yarn sitting in my stash for ages and there wasn't enough yardage to make a larger sweater so this was a good way to use it up.

I'm very happy with the final result but that was probably the most annoying yarn that I've ever knitted with. It has these gold metallic bits clustered throughout which look nice when done but the metallic thread unravels and gets tangled everywhere. The yarn is really comprised to two types of fibers twisted together and they keep separating and one of them stretches out and also gets tangled. The sweater is bit scratchy around the neckline, probably because the yarn contains nylon, which I always find scratchy. It's not bad for shorter term wear.

And, for reference, here's the original sweater. My copy came out a bit smaller in all dimensions, but I sort like the closer fit. The original sweater has ribbing throughout the body, which helps make it a looser fit. I decided to do short set-in sleeves instead of cap sleeves for better coverage over short-sleeved tops.

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Anonymous said...

Betty, this is one of the best boleros I've ever seen in terms of fit and how it sits on the body, particlarly in the back. I think it is the set-in sleeves that make all the difference. Unfortunately they are harder, or at least take more effort, to do - at least for me. Maybe your version will inspire more people to go to that trouble. Chloe