Sunday, August 25, 2013

FO: Step Function Cardigan

This sweater is more or a less a basic worsted weight cardigan with an uneven hemline. I had this concept of knitting something like a high-low hemline that is so popular right now, but I thought I would try knitting it with discrete steps instead of a smooth transition. Hence the name of "step function cardigan". The yarn is Malabrigo worsted weight merino wool, which is one of my favorites.

I used a simple two-stitch lace pattern that matches up with where the hemline changes happen. I used that same pattern on the sleeves. The sweater was knit in the round for the body and separated out as front and back pieces at the armholes. This is unusual for me since I like to knit flat pieces and seem them, but in this case I really didn't want a seem on the side where the lace pattern travels.

I really like how the back looks, but I'm not sure about the front, mainly because it's at least inch shorter than I would like. I could have gone with a longer front and even longer back. It's a bit warm now to wear this, but colder weather will come sooner or later and I give the sweater a better test drive then.

Knitting tip:

This sweater has a lot of edges that are K2-P2 ribbing. For all the end pieces that start with K2 or end with K2, I would do a K3 and also slip the first K or P stitch when starting the row. That way, the first K1 ends up rolled under a bit, but remaining 2 knit stitches show to match the rest of the ribbing. If you just do one knit stitch, it tends to roll under and the end pieces would look just like K1 instead of K2.

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