Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FO: Patou tunic

This is the Patou tunic from Knitscene Spring 2013. My yarn is Cascade Cash Vero DK. I put a bit of waist shaping into the sweater and I made the neckline a bit narrower since I don't like sweaters that fall off my shoulders. I also made the armholes a bit narrower. For the front panel stitch pattern, I alternated the direction of the shells. I didn't do it for the style -- I was worried that having all the shells facing one way might cause some biasing and uneven stretching in the front panel after some wear.

I'm very happy with this tunic. The weather is too warm for it right now, but fall is coming. The color is a spring/summer color, but I'll wear it in the fall and winter anyway. I think it will be perfect for wearing on a long plane ride that I will be taking in the near future. Maybe it will he;[ me look chic as I'm drooling while sleeping with my head slumped over my chest!

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Anonymous said...

That'll look terrific on the plane, and comfy as well. I love tunics.