Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FO: Whiteness of the Whale

This is Whiteness of the Whale by Ann Weaver. My yarn is Simply Shetland Silk & Lambswool, which is a tweedy blend of silk and wool. It's very lightweight and perfect for the cooler days of spring and summer. The best part of this sweater is the back -- I love scallop-like stitch pattern. I made mine a bit shorter by eliminating one of the scallop patterns. I added on about 1.5" after the last scallop and flattened the curve by doing my decreases next to the yarn-overs. I also changed the placement of the bottom hem cables. I only did two on the back and one on each front. The back ones are located at the edges of the last scallop.

There are other pattern mods here and there. I used a provisional cast-on for the shoulders so that I could use 3-needle bind-off to attach them. I narrowed the shoulders a bit and made other sizing adjustments. For the bottom and sleeve hems, I did four rows of purl stitches and bound off in purl and just let the edges roll inward. I wanted a sturdier front edge so I applied a 5-stitch I-cord and left openings for the small button holes. I only wanted buttons on the top front and my sleeves are 3/4 length.

I'm very pleased with the end result. This might turn out to be one of my favorite lightweight cardigans.

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Anonymous said...

Really lovely and well-suited to you. Chloe