Friday, November 30, 2012


I have not shown any WIP photos in a while. Most of the time, they are pretty boring. I decided to show this one because it's actually interesting looking. This is the lace doily cocoon vest. My yarn is Bergère de France Ecoton, which is a cotton/acrylic blend. It's knit side to side as one flat piece, and it does sort of look like a doily. I like the long stitches which shape the sleeve cap with a slightly ruffled look. An I-cord is threaded through the top eyelets to draw in the neckline. It's a pretty quick knit and I'm just at the halfway point. The pattern has errors in stitch counts but once I got a bit of it knitted, it was easy to figure it out without relying on the pattern to the letter. I see now that there is an errata available.

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