Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FO: Sewing interlude

We interrupt the normal knitting content with a little sewing content. This is my once-or-twice-a-year sewing project for this year. I wanted to make one of these double-layered skirts that I often see in Anthropologie and other stores. I wanted something nicely printed for spring and summer, but not too fussy or flowery. This is from Vogue 8295. I made view D, but using two skirt layers. The bottom layer is cut shorter than the top one and I added a ruffle. The top layer is a fairly lightweight cotton print, and the bottom is a broadcloth.

I do wish to pass on two sewing tips that helped me in making this skirt. One involves invisible zippers. With these zippers, I always find that it's difficult to sew up the last bit of seam after the zipper has been applied such that it meets up perfectly with the zipper seams. For some reason the bottom of the zipper gets in the way, even if I'm using a zipper foot. I tried it and ripped it a couple of times and decided that it would be faster and easier to just sew it by hand. I used small back stitches and sewed up the last 3/4" of the seam by hand and it gives a perfect seam that matches the zipper seams.
I learned my second tip eons ago when I watched my mother do it. I don't have a fancy sewing machine, so this might not be a problem for everyone. However, when I sew a thick piece on top of a very lightweight fabric, in this case the zipper on top of the top skirt layer, I get puckering on the bottom thinner fabric. To solve this problem, I simply place a piece of paper (such as printer paper) underneath everything and sew the fabric layers along with the paper. When done, just rip out the paper, and voila -- no puckering. This also helps if you are sewing two very thin pieces of fabric together because that can sometimes pucker also.


crochetgurl said...

That skirt is so gorgeous!! Can I have one? :-)

I recently have been shopping a lot for summery, A-line skirts, since I unfortunately don't know how to sew.

Do you ever shop at Goodwill? I just got into thrifting last month, and I managed to find an Anthropologie skirt and a Boden skirt at my local store. I'm even wearing an Anthropologie sweater today that's brand-new with the tags. It amazes me that people would give away a brand-new Anthro sweater. I bet you would have great Goodwills in the Stanford/Palo Alto area?

knitabulous said...

Hi Betty - you won a prize in my knitabulous yarn name the colour competition - for your entry 'red lacquer'.

I don't have your address, can you email me at knitabulous@gmail.com or pm me on ravelry knitabulous and we'll take it from there?

thanks and congratulations!


knitseashore said...

I love your skirt -- so summery and perfect for the hot days we've been having! You are so lucky to know how to sew.

knittingdragonflies said...

OOOO this is so pretty, just what I was looking to make. Thanks for the info.
You look cool and pretty in it.

robin said...

What a cute skirt! Thanks also for the great sewing tips - I will try those.