Friday, December 18, 2009

FO gift and a WIP

I finished this vest as an Xmas gift for my mother. For some reason, knits for others always seem to take longer than I'd like, probably because it's not for me, me, me! This is a variation on the diamond quilted vest pattern (ravelry link). The yarn is Valley Yarns Amherst. I decided to do buttons instead of a zipper, and I used seed stitch for the bands and bottom. The neckline came out too wide for a standing collar, so I just made a tapered one by using gradually smaller sized needles. The overall color and style of this vest is too subdued for my own taste, but I do like the faux-quilted stitch pattern. I can see using a different yarn and a different treatment for collar and bands to knit a more modern look for myself.

Since I finished the vest, I can get back to knitting for me, me, me. This is a self-designed top-down raglan pullover. It will have short puffed sleeves that will be brought in with pleats at the cuff. The yarn is Mirasol Tupa, a merino/silk blend. The neckline will be finished with a narrow attached scarf knit with the Mini Mochi. I've always liked the Mini Mochi, but I don't like scarves wrapped closely around my neck because it's just too warm. Also, I just don't like dealing with loose scarves. A narrow attached scarf on a wider neckline would be a fun way for me to use this yarn. I'd show a sketch of my planned sweater, but I'm afraid my sketches are undecipherable to anyone but me.


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

In case you haven't noticed, I also knit primarily for me, me me!

I will say that only came about after many a gift was not acknowledged or seen or heard of again. Exclusive of my parents. My mother and father treasure everything that I have ever made for them and it is a pleasure to knit things for them!

Your mother's vest is beautiful and she will treasure it, as you well know!

drlaura said...

Sounds just lovely with the MMo scarf at neck! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
blessings, :L
Dr Laura

crochetgurl said...

Your vest looks lovely. I like the classic diamond design up top.

Guess what? I went to Uncommon Threads earlier this week. The person (owner?) was very nice and I ended up buying some needles to replace the ones I had to sacrifice for Ishbel.

knitseashore said...

Your mom will love the vest -- it's such a classic style!

I knit mostly for me too. I've read too many blog horror stories to knit for strangers. :)

Knittymuggins said...

Love the FO! You're right - the quilting texture is way cool.

Can't wait to see your new self-designed project as well. You always knit such interesting stuff, I'm excited to see it :)

Have a wonderful holiday and a joyous New Year!