Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hey, Teach! is finished!

I recently finished the ever-popular Hey, Teach! from I used the recommended 2nd Time Cotton from Knit One Crochet Too. This is a really cute sweater. I discussed my use of the linen stitch for the front and middle bands instead of the ribbing in my last post. I'm very happy with the denser look of these bands. I used an invisible bind-off for the button bands since that's the only thing that seemed to look good with the linen stitch.

I was going for a more streamlined shape instead of the "baby-doll" shape, so I did gradual decreases on the bottom section instead of doing them all at the band. I did some gradual increases on the top section for added bust ease. I thought about starting with the next size up, but both the bottom and the shoulders would have been too wide, so it seemed easier to just add a little at the bust with stockinette stitches. My bottom section is about one inch longer than the pattern's. I used one smaller needle size for the sleeve ribbing to keep them tight.

I really like this yarn. A skein of the yarn feels really stiff, but once knitted, it has really nice drape. I found it easy and pleasant to knit with. All in all, it was a fun knit.


yoel said...

Very cute! The fabric looks like it has a lovely drape.

Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Betty!
The color of your "Hey Teach!" is perfect for you! Love this sweater. Nice work!

crochetgurl said...

It looks gorgeous on you, and I love the cherry red color! :-)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Wow ~ this came out great ~ and it fits you like a dream ~ joy oh joy!

I love the color you picked and it's nice to know you were happy with that yarn :)

robin said...

Very nice!! I like the more streamlined shape of your version.