Saturday, January 17, 2009

The fastest FO ever

The pattern is the cropped cardi from Knit.1 Fall/Winter 2008 (ravelry link). The yarn is a dual strand of white Cascade 220 and this pink LYS brand of yarn which is the same as South West Trading Company Optimum merino yarn. I knitted this in less than a week -- I guess using a high gauge really helps. My double strand is not as bulky as the pattern's yarn, and my gauge is 2.5 stitches/inch. I knitted the largest size minus six stitches because I wanted less flare on the bottom. The last post describes some of the other adjustments to compensate for the fewer stitches.
I decided to omit the collar after I knitted it and tried it on because it makes the neckline too narrow. I opted for just a single crochet border instead. The button keeps the cardi from flopping open.

I really like the way the back looks. This sweater was a really fun and quick knit. Even though I used a finer gauge, mine is still a looser knit that the modeled sweater, so it drapes more, which I like. The yarn color combo gives it a mottled look. The other half thinks it looks like a case of hives, but I rather like it.


robin said...

That is really cute! It looks nice on you too.

Jenny said...

I like how it's simple, with interesting details...beautiful! What a nice use of two yarns together.

Virtuous said...


So glad you came out and lurking and commented on my blog!! :o) Nw I have a new blog to watch too!!

Thanks so much Betty!

And great F.O.s!!!!