Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cat ornament, sort of

I have a friend who LOVES cats. As part of that love of cats, she collects cat ornaments. For a gift, I knitted this tank top ornament with a cat silhouette done with duplicate stitching. This is my second attempt. My first attempt used multi-colored sock yarn, and I knitted a top-down raglan sweater, but the multi-coloring did not allow for a good contrasting cat pattern, and the top-down sweater made it too difficult to do the duplicate knitting afterwards. For this second attempt, I used sport yarn, knit the two pieces separately, then sewed them together. That way, I could do the cat motif on a flat piece. The edgings are single crochet and don't look as clean as I'd like, but what heck -- it's just an ornament. I made a little hanger from some wire.

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