Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Knitting and dining (not at the same time)

First, on the knitting front, I've made good progress on Ingenue from Custom Knits. I'm doing the sleeves now, which shouldn't take much longer. I'm doing skinny tapered sleeves because I'm not a big fan of flared sleeves. Also, I changed the sleeve/body ratio of stitches so that my sleeves are narrower at the top than the pattern's sleeves for the smallest size.

On the dining front, we traveled to Las Vega$ this last weekend and enjoyed some great dining. The photos here are from Japonais, in the Mirage. I mention this restaurant because I first heard about it via Robin's Yarn Crawl blog. She blogged about the Chicago restaurant, I clicked on the link, saw that it had a Las Vegas branch, and the menu seemed very interesting. There were three of us dining and we ordered everything to share. Some of the smaller plates were just barely big enough for three, but the larger plates were fine. Here's a photo of some Kobe beef and a rock on which you cook it. The beef was wonderfully marinated.

This is "Le Quack", one of the house specialties.

Here we have one of the sashimi appetizers.

And for dessert, we shared some sorbets in watermelon soup.

The waitress told us that the Las Vegas menu is about 70% of the Chicago one. It's a bit pricey, but it's definitely a special occasion kind of place.

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Robin said...

Ingenue is looking really nice! Glad you liked Japonais - I didn't know they had one in Vegas. It's been a long time since I stayed at the Mirage (probably 1996!!) but I like that hotel.