Sunday, February 17, 2008

Green Gable and luxury yarn

I'm venturing a tiny bit into the world of "luxury yarn" by buying some Silk Maiden yarn from the LYS. I don't generally use what I would consider luxury yarns, but I could not resist this one. I've cast on for green gable because (1) most of the knitting blogosphere seems to have knitted it, (2) it looks great on most of them (3) its simple stockinette stitch will show off the colors of this handpainted yarn and (4) it hopefully won't need much yarn so it won't cost a fortune.

I've just noticed that I seem to be in a "beige phase" since most garments that I've finished or started recently are ivory/sand/oatmeal/cream/some-shade-of-beige. I'm not sure why this happened, but this is the last of the beige phase. After thise, everything will be in color!

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