Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bettie's Pullover

I recently finished knitting Bettie's Pullover. The yarn is Knit One, Crochet Too Batiste, one of my favorite yarns. It's made of merino/linen/silk and very comfortable most of the year, although the higher crew neckline makes it a bit too warm for summer. It may turn out to be one of my favorite pullovers. It has a very vintage-y 40s look to it -- I call it my Bletchley Park sweater.

As usual, I made some mods from the pattern.

  • I wanted short sleeves, and I ignored the instructions for knitting and attaching sleeves as you go. They looked too complicated and I wasn't sure about the fit. I just bound off and decreased for the arm holes and knitted standard set-in sleeves.
  • I only used one needle size smaller for the lower ribbing and didn't cast on that many extra stitches. For the body shaping, I used a smaller needle size for parts of it and did side decreases for the narrowest waist section since I had stockinette stitches at the sides.
  • I aimed for a slightly wider neckline and also a slightly lower one in the front. I would have liked it lowered a bit more because I'm not a fan of high crew necklines.
  • For the neckband, I did the ends as K1P1 and converted to double knitting for the main section. The double knitting gives it a lot of body. I skipped the button hole and just sewed the button through all layers.


Ellen Bloom said...

This sweater is adorable and it has a VERY vintage look! Great color too.

Eli cat said...

Very beautiful sweater! I love it, especially the color. Well done!

Claudia said...

Looks fantastic on you Betty! Your Mods are always brilliant and well thought through, I appreciate you sharing your expertise. Your comment about shawls being more asymmetrical is dead on. Fewer shawls are in the traditional triangle shape and are worn (at least by me) more like a scarf but has the bulk and warmth of a big cozy cowl. There's some really great patterns out and I know that you don't knit many shawls but I think you'll find one you like!!!