Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pictures from an exhibition

I went to the De Young Museum last week. It was a great time to visit -- the Oscar de la Renta retrospective show is there and last week was also the Bouquets to Art week. I thought I'd post a few of the photos from the day's visit.

This pic shows some of the day dresses in the collection. I think I could actually wear that pink number with the embroidery.

These colorful caftans are from a collection of resort wear.

Some more lovely gowns.

I believe this group is from the garden inspiration section.

This was probably one of my favorite gowns. It actually has a lot of texture -- too bad we couldn't touch it!

On to the flowers. This was one of the cutest floral arrangements. The painting that inspired it is in the back, but I did not capture it very well. It does have a little yellow cart.

Both the painting and the floral arrangement have a dark look, but I sort of like it.

Here's one more.

This scene overlooks the museum entrance area with hanging bouquets.

This was probably my favorite floral arrangement. The tub is filled with hydrangeas.

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Ellen Bloom said...

LOVE those fashions!