Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3D Printed Shawl Pins

The worlds of knitting and 3D printing collide once more with these 3D printed shawl pins that I've added to my Etsy Shop. I like to use shawl pins to fasten quite a few of my sweaters but I've always had issues with the pins I've purchased. One of my recent favorites is a large safety pin style fastener but it can get unfastened sometimes and it also has a tendency to rotate around a bit. I've used the decorative ones with a stick through a circular loop but they can come loose easily and the stick ends can be sharp. I also don't like long wooden sticks that poke out a bunch. It took a few prototypes and wearing time but I can honestly say that this pin stays on and does not rotate around or poke me in any way. It's made of plastic, which makes it really light in weight and doesn't drag down my garment. The stick is attached so I can't lose it. Now, let's see if I can sell any.....

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