Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3D printed earrings

It's probably not obvious from this blog, but I love earrings. I don't wear much else in terms of jewelry, but I wear earrings almost every day and I have over 130 pairs. I had already purchased a couple pairs of 3D printed plastic earrings, but I figured it was time to try to design and print my own. This is the first pair I did. I stuck to something "flat" to start with since I didn't know what would work.

This is my second design. This time I went for a much more three dimensional look.

Both pairs were printed at my local UPS Store, using a Stratasys UPrint SE Plus. They came out pretty good. The red pair didn't come out as smooth as I would like and I think it's because there tiny bits of the soluble support material stuck onto the earrings at some of the finer edges. In general, I'm very happy with them and I'll be designing and printing many more pairs in the near future.

Here are the earrings shown worn on my ginormous ear lobes.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh! a whole new focus for your talents! Love these. Will now have to go through all your previous posts to see if I can spy all those earrings. Chloe