Friday, December 26, 2014

FO: Germander shrug

This the Germander Shrug from Graphic Knits. The yarn is the now discontinued Sublime Yarns Organic Merino DK. I wanted to knit this shrug mainly because I liked the stitch pattern on the back. Also, I didn't have enough of the yarn in my stash for a full cardigan so I thought this pattern would be great for it. The yarn knits more like a worsted weight instead of DK weight. As with many shrugs, the front isn't very exciting.

I don't know that I love this shrug, but I generally don't love shrugs that much because they look a bit odd in the back for my taste and they don't cover enough in the front. This pattern has an interesting construction which makes the sleeves start really low on the arms so it feels like the shrug is being pulled off by the sleeves. I do like the stitch pattern and the yarn feels very luxurious, so I'll probably get some wear out of it come spring when I just need a bit of warmth around my neck and back.

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Claudia Bugh said...

It's beautiful Betty! I love that stitch detailing on the back. I am sure you will get lots of wear and enjoyment from this :) Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year!