Monday, October 24, 2011

FO: Drape Neck Top

This is the Drape Neck Top from Vogue Knitting spring/summer 2011. My yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima, which is a finer gauged yarn than the recommended Cascade Sierra. I knit it at just under 5 stitches/inch, which is looser than its recommended gauge of 22-24 stitches/4 inches. I wanted a very draped look because the top has positive ease.

I changed the shaping to an empire shape instead of an A-line shape, and I made it a few inches longer. Instead of the sleeve bands which sort of stick out, I knitted short cap sleeves. I also omitted the gap at the bottom of the front panel. Instead of using YOs for the holes, I did make-1 in knit or purl and omitted the twist, which creates a hole. This created smaller holes than yarn-overs would create. I didn't want ginormous holes because I wanted to wear this without a layer underneath. It's a spring/summer top and two layers would be too warm.

I'm pretty happy with the top, but I'm hoping it won't stretch too wide with wear.


Anonymous said...

Hi Betty,

I love your mods for this top. I was attracted to it when it first came out but didn't know how I was going to get around that A-line shape. So glad to see that you made it work. And the color is wonderful too.


yoel said...

Your mods are great!

soknitpicky said...

Betty, it's beautiful! I like the idea of a looser gauge for more drape.