Sunday, September 18, 2011

FO from a few years back

I knit a sweater for Henry, the son of a former co-worker, a few years ago when he turned one. I don't have much experience with baby sweater sizes, and it was a bit big for a one year old. Maybe "a bit big" is an understatement. Henry wore his sweater to his first day of pre-school! He's definitely stylin'.

I don't even remember what I used for the base pattern. I think it was a free ravelry download for a plain toddler's vest and I embellished it with a simple cable down the front.


Anonymous said...

Henry's sweater is too cool for school!

yoel said...

How fun to finally see your great vest in action! It looks like it'll still fit for a while yet too!

Christie said...

I got so many compliments on that sweater! One parent said Hen was the best dressed kid in class and it's definitely the sweater that pulled it off. And, yes, it fits well but is something he'll be able to wear for at least another year! Best gift ever!

On a side note, I made two of the H.P. inspired baby hats for Click of Babies that a local hospital is doing to promote awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome.