Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Antique crochet book

I recently came into possession of this crochet book, published in 1912. It's so old that I call it "antique" and not "vintage".

It's amazing how much fine detail is in the various patterns. I cannot imagine finding the time to make myself ribbon trims like these shown below, but I guess back in the day, these trims were all hand-made. It reminds of these lines from my all-time favorite movie, Gosford Park:
-- Elsie (Head Housemaid): "God, look at this, machine made lace."
-- Barnes: "Hark at her!"
-- Elsie (Head Housemaid): "I hate cheap clothes. They're twice the work and they never look as good."

I also like these collars:

Here are some more complex trims:

I had to search the web to find out that convolvulus is a plant. (To me, it sounds like something medical!)

And finally, these animal motifs are sort of cute:

As interesting as this book is, I'm not keeping it. I'm sending it off to my bloggy friend Ellen who loves to crochet far more than I do, and also loves to collect things far more than I do.


Ellen Bloom said...

Oooo....the book looks sooo interesting, Betty! Thanks so much for sending it!

knitseashore said...

What a beautiful book! I have one from my great-grandmother and it amazes me how much patience people had back then. I did one set of knitted lace and it took me years to complete.

Your dress in the previous post is beautiful!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What an amazing find! Crochet seems so complicated to me. I can handle the simply chain but not much more.

Great quote ~