Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the needles

I'm one sleeve away from finishing Goodale. The yarn is Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed. I had a lot of yarn so I decided to make longer sleeves. Longer sleeves are better anyway for a fall sweater. I love the front lapel pockets on this pattern, but I don't like the wide opening. On me, sweaters like that tend to sit even more open than shown on a model. I added increases to the front of the sweater. It still flares open when worn, but it's a much narrower opening.

I'm also working on the Geodesic cardigan. The yarn is Araucania Ranco solid. I knit all of the back of this cardi during the various airplane and train rides on the Japan vacation. The pattern is written for knitting the body in one piece, but I converted it for flat knitting. Smaller pieces are much more portable. Also, this is a hand-dyed yarn, and rather than worry about alternating skeins and color changes, I just decided to knit the different pieces from different skeins and not worry about color shade differences.


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Love both the cardies you are making! Brown Sheep is lovely yarn but it's hard to find locally. I hear you on the sweaters that fall open. I tend not to knit that style for that reason. Maybe pick up stitches and add some type of edging to give it more width at the opening...

Anonymous said...

Ditto regarding the opening. Lately I've noticed less of that style in the newer patterns. None too soon, as it was getting montonous.
Looking forward to seeing you model the finished product(s).