Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stitches West goodies

I went to my third Stitches West on Friday. Being a Silicon Valley denizen, it's easy for me to just drop by and do a blitz shopping session at the marketplace. My first purchase was a Norah Gaughan booklet. I've never been a big Norah Gaughan fan, but for some reason, I LOVE the spring/summer designs in this booklet. I bought it at the WEBS booth, where they had a few of the patterns knitted up as sample garments. That really helped sell the booklet.

I bought myself some Berroco Pure Pima, which is used in several of the patterns. One of my favorites is parasola (ravelry link). I also purchased some Valley Yarns hand-dyed Northfield, but I have not idea what I will knit with it at this point.

I visited my favorite Buttons! booth and went a bit overboard on the buttons. I say overboard because I actually don't knit that many cardigans that have full front button bands because I don't like the button gaposis issue.

Finally, I got one of these shawl pins from Gita Maria. Mine is more of a silver color.
All in all, I thought I exercised great restraint. I only purchased a small bag of stuff. Others seemed to be trailing rolling carry-on bags stuffed with yarn.


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I've never knit with Berroco yarn ~ but it's supposed to be very nice. I love Parasola too ~ hurry and knit it so I can see what you think of the pattern!!!!!

Love your buttons ~ I've recently developed a passion for buttons myself :)

Yes, I think you exercised serious restrain ~ LOL

knitseashore said...

I love the colors of yarn you chose. We have the same taste!

Restraint is good; I think if you have too much yarn you can get easily overwhelmed, especially when you don't purchase it with a particular pattern in mind.

robin said...

Great score!! The only Stitches event I haven't been to is West and I may try to make it there next year. Thanks for the idea on the VK capelet - I really liked many of the patterns in that issue, including the capelet you mentioned.