Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fresh off the needles

My latest Finished Object (FO) is the Ariosa Wrap Cardi from Classic Elite. The yarn is Malabrigo worsted, in dusty rose. (I finally looked at the label and saw the color name instead of thinking of it as "dirty bubble gum pink").
I'm very happy with this cardigan. The lace rib pattern is not overly lacy, and its holes as well as the short sleeves keep it from being too warm to wear in spring. I'm not sure what Large Dog thinks of it -- he's looking at me oddly.

My biggest customization was with the shawl collar. Mine is 3" wide (as opposed to 5") in the front, and 5" wide on the back. I love shawl collars but I'm always trying to figure out the perfect percentage increase of stitches so that the collar lays nice and flat on the shoulders and back without any strain. I did the first set of short rows as in the pattern, then added 6 more short rows before binding off. I started with the 4x4 rib and increased gradually to a 5x6 rib for the upper shawl section. This increase of 3 stitches for every 8 seems to do the trick -- the collar sits nicely. For my boxy cardigan, I went from a 2x2 rib to 2x3 rib and the 25% increase was not quite enough.

I made other minor tweaks here and there. My middle rib section starts a little higher and is a little wider. My sleeves are a smidgen longer. I also changed the pattern to use SSK instead of K2tog on row 3.

I can see why knitters love the Malabrigo worsted. It's just so soothing to knit with and the resulting garment is really soft and comfy to wear.


Robin said...

Very nice! I hadn't noticed this pattern before. I like your version and the color you chose for it.

Knittymuggins said...

Love this cardigan on you!! Great job :) I had no idea you were a "pink person" though - I always imagine you in blue!