Monday, March 10, 2008

Green Gable done!

I love the fit of this sweater. I used an excellent-fitting purchased raglan-sleeved knit top as my sizing guide, and it worked out really well. The sweater looks quite dressy because of the yarn choice. It is a silk/wool hand-dyed yarn -- Silk Maiden from Handmaiden Fine Yarns.

Fit customizations: My gauge ended up about 21 stitches/4”. I started off at the 32-36 inches size, but I added 6 more rounds before splitting out the sleeves – 3 of those rounds have increases for the body, and 2 of them have increases for the sleeves.

Mine is probably 3 inches longer than the pattern. I had 9 rounds of waist decreases, 4 rows apart, and 8 rounds of waist increases. I added 4 rows on the sleeves before doing the rib. The ribs are 4 rows each.

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