Monday, July 4, 2016



I finished knitting this Anemone sweater shortly before the weather got warm, so I haven't really worn it much. My yarn is Katia Cotton Merino, which is 70% cotton and 30% merino. The yarn doesn't feel like cotton at all, and it's incredibly soft and warm.

As usual, I made a few changes to the pattern. I used the stitch pattern only on the front and just did the back as stockinette. I did this partly because I was lazy and partly because I wanted a less bulky sweater. I also changed the raglan ratio a bit to have more stitches on the sleeves and less on the body. I made the center stitch pattern a little narrower because I wanted more stockinette on the side in order to add some shaping. And finally, I just went with short sleeves because that's generally how I roll. I'm happy with the fit, but I'll have to have more wearing time to see how the yarn holds up in the long run.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hoot Hoot! 3D Printed Numbered Owl Stitch Markers

I added these cute owl stitch markers to my Etsy Shop. The markers are embossed with beaks and feathers on one side and the numbers from one through eight on the other. I have them in yellow and pink and will be adding some orange ones shortly.