Friday, February 24, 2012

FO: Merideth

I have finished Merideth from Knitting Off the Axis. The yarn is the ever popular Malabrigo worsted. I really like this cardigan, especially since I made it quite a bit narrower than the smallest size. I trimmed about 4" off of the circumference of the skirt section and about 2" off of the back bodice. I also sewed up about 5" for the underarm seam instead of 4". This sweater is knit side to side, and my gauge was a bit smaller so the cardi is also a bit shorter than the pattern length, which is a good thing. It is comfortably roomy but not really oversized. I also omitted the lower section of the sleeves because I'm not a fan of long sleeves and I really dislike sleeves that hang over my wrists. Even with the shorter sleeves, it's still pretty warm.

I like the way the back looks. It's hard to see in the photo but the bodice actually gathers a bit to fit the narrower skirt section.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I love chocolate, but...

I had an errand to run in SF's chinatown on Saturday. Unfortunately, navigating the streets was slow because it was the day before the night of the Chinese New Year's parade and the streets were packed with people.

I decided to stop at the historic Eastern Bakery to pick up a few treats.

It was there that I saw them -- chocolate covered mooncake! I grew up eating mooncakes once a year, so this just seems so wrong. But then again, who am I to talk -- I made chocolate covered bacon.